Thank you for visiting this repository for my wannabeawriter musings, and some amusings. As long as the cloud doesn’t burst, my writings may finally be organized! And if it does burst….. maybe there will be rainbows.  Life is a journey — and, sometimes, A Rainbow Journey.

Literary Gumbo? Three factors influence that title:

  1. My scattershot outcroppings of literary efforts. I’m sometimes called a “poet,” but I don’t feel like a poet, moreso a lyricist, with iambs rhyming their way from brain through pen. Some of my lyrics have actually been sung in public, but I need help — I don’t do notes. And I prefer script writing, which allows me to write characters outside my realm of experiences, and imagine lives other than my own. Add one movie script in lots-of-revisions-needed status, and maybe one more to come, but that’s it; and a children’s book or two, but not enough to qualify as writer for children. And one miscellaneous board game, trying to interpret the business world this English Major stumbled into for thirty-five years. I could have said Literary Smorgasbord, but my roots are deep into Gumbo, and…
  2. “Gumbo” provides an associative tribute to my late Mother, source of my writing gene — she made the world’s best gumbo. When I left home for college, on return she would subtly try to keep me home with my favorite dinner. I didn’t want to discourage her creative approach, but I eventually told her my favorite wasn’t fried chicken, it was GUMBO! (Her crawfish etoufee would also work.) She also made the world’s best pecan pie, buy I couldn’t extrapolate a literary reference with pecan pie. And, tangentially…
  3. I wrote a poem “Gumbo” in response to a call for submissions by Poets for Living Waters following the BP oil spill, and it was accepted for the online anthology, along with many other responses. “Gumbo” resides on the web at https://poetsgulfcoast.wordpress.com/2010/12/25/gumbo-by-george-comeaux/ .


1 thought on “Home”

  1. michaelleblanc said:

    comotron, enjoyed your site, enjoyed your gumbo poem, real earthy. love that gumbo. no mumbo jumbo leblanco


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